Saturday, February 21, 2009

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"Andy Warhol - I never read, i just look at pictures"
Unisex Tee

"Nylon" Tee

"Sweet Rabbit and Bow" Tee
Colour varies

"Teal Black and Leopard print" Tee
Material varies

"I'm so cute" Tee
Colour Varies

"Cute Sailor" Dress
Colour varies

"Meow Meow" Cat tees w/button up vest
Comes in Black and Brown Pattern

"Stars and Stripes" Tee
Blue Rip Original Shorts

"Pattern and bow mix" tee
Material varies

"Purple V Neck Chain" Print Tee

"Rabbit and Bow" Tee
Colour Varies

"Moneky, Music and Peace" Tee
Original Blue Denim Shorts Available now!

"Hardcore pocket dress"
Colour Varies

"Rabbit w/bow" Tee
Colour varies

Bow-tie 3 quarter cardy
Colour varies

New Range - lots of one offs